media column in a pharmaceutical firm

IVM Media Columns

The media columns are a flexible and modular concept for the maintenance of production facilities and working places, like, for instance, pill pressers and packaging lines. The construction of media columns are based on the guidelines of the pharmaceutical and food producing industries. All maintenance lines run inside a corpus of high-grade steel, on the outside only the panels can be seen.

The media columns are freely playable for all uses and medias. For instance:

  • electricity outlets for 220/440 Volts
  • dust suction
  • compressed air and alcohol supply
  • desalinized water
  • cold/warm water
  • data lines
maintenance of a pill presser


The media columns have proven effective in the models floor/ceiling installations and wall installations. They are manufactured coinciding to GMP, FDA with brushed and polished high-grade steel surfaces.


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