Consultation | Development

The development of a custom made solution starts with a thorough consultation. Your guidelines and demands define the concept for the development of your operational equipment. We pay special attention to the fact that the product will be constructed according to all the relevant EU and FDA guidelines GMP. After making the concept of the product we take care of the planing and take measurements for the bespoken production.


Construction | Production

You will always be up to date. In the construction phase we keep you posted on the process of a project. For your screening of the the agreed upon terms you will receive a CAD-Viewer data.

If asked for we will create a patent design true to scale for products with a bigger quantity in manufacturing.

The production will be carried out by highly qualified specialised companies, so we guarantee you a timely handling of your contracts and an optimal quality in manufacturing. We control every step of the production and do the product acceptance.

Produkt News

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